2018 Polaris Phoenix 200 Review

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2018 Polaris Phoenix 200 – Young model has a special age limit, Polaris Phoenix 200 is intended for operators age 10 and older, ATV models 50-cc intended for operators aged 6 and over, models of ATV 90 cc intended for operators aged 10 and older, and 200-cc ATV intended for operators aged 14 and older. All vehicles Polaris youth need adult supervision at all times to the operator under the age of 16.

2018 Polaris Phoenix 200 – Engine

Machinery in Phoenix 200 is a standard, air-cooled, 196cc four-stroke, with 22mm Keihin carbs attached. It uses an electric starter. Back-up kick starter mounted to the rear enine and not the kickstart shaft and drive shaft employ to get the power to the rear wheels. A CVT transmission-style fully automatic, with forward, neutral and reverse gear range, allowing the operator to concentrate on riding and not have to worry about shifting gears, or using the clutch. No racks or pegs of the Phoenix, because it comes from the factory, but they are available as an accessory from your Polaris dealer and The fuel tank holds 2.5 gallons of gas, which is a little on the small side for our tastes. You have the option to choose either Indy red / white color scheme they or their plastic “Women” powder pink version, which is what we ordered for our testing.

2018 Polaris Phoenix 200 Review
2018 Polaris Phoenix 200

Polaris ATV‘ entry-level ATV Phoenix 200 is available for the age group T, for riders 14 and older, with adult supervision for riders under 16. Its larger chassis can accommodate multiple drivers in this age group is better than Outlaw and Sportsman 110, and the vehicle speed will be limited to 20 mph / 32.2 kph submitted, 30 mph / 48.3 kph medium, and a 38 mph / 61.2 kph limited. 20 mph / 32.2 kph and speed / 48.3 kph 30 mph throttle too limited. This model is available in Voodoo Blue for 2016.

Here is what our female test riders like and dislike about the Polaris Phoenix 200. The women have mixed feelings about the bright pink daisy color scheme and graphics. Some liked the unique style, and some thought it looked “too” feminine. Surprisingly, it was about 50/50. The girls who loved it really loved it, and those who do not, really hate it. Because with a lot of women, you should let a certain lady in question decided on this one for you.

2018 Polaris Phoenix 200 we will see the performance of the engine. The, 196cc four-stroke engine air-cooled put quite a lot of power, but the way that power to the ground, through its CVT automatic transmission, pain overall performance. CVT tranny, while easy to learn and ride, slow to respond to throttle input.
This is especially true on a steep uphill climb. This machine takes time to build up strength. During the field is fairly level, it’s not a problem, but as soon as it got steeper, performance suffers.

Once up to speed, Phoenix powerplant feels relatively quickly. No abundance of torque, however. So performance-wise, we scored below the average for the overall size and displacement.

2018 Polaris Phoenix 200 – Features

2018 Polaris Phoenix 200 Including helmet 1 youth, daytime running lights, and whip flag safety as standard equipment. Easy to shift between forward and reverse with easy to use and reliable Polaris PVT Automatic Transmission, Bumps in the yard and on the street which is soaked up by 7 “suspension travel front and 6.5” of travel in the rear.

2018 Polaris Phoenix 200 Review
2018 Polaris Phoenix 200

Suspension action of the Phoenix 200 is actually quite good. This is better than some of its competitors with a lower deferred, such as Honda Recon, with 5.1 inches in front and 4.9 inches at the rear, or the sporty Honda 250EX, with 5.9 inches in front and 5.7 inches behind.

Only the user-gripped Yamaha Raptor 250, with 7.5 inches of travel front suspension and 7.9 inches of travel back beat out Polaris Phoenix 200 is a high number of suspension travel