2018 Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900 Review

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2018 Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900Polaris RANGER is the best-selling utility vehicle industry (UTV) lineup, offering the most difficult work and family smooth driving vehicles for hunting, farming, road and mud. Model Year 2017 lineup continues to offer more innovation with new features and models at every price point and consumer applications.

All new Ranger CREW XP 1000 models have a class-leading precision with Three-Mode Throttle Control switch on the dashboard to enhance the driving experience. The Driver can elect from three modes for ultimate precision and control, Engine Performance, Standards and Employment, depending on driving conditions and vehicle usage. Performance mode offers maximum or instant throttle response for a snap acceleration can used predominantly for leisure purposes. To a mixture of traditional torque and high speed performance, the operator will choose Standard mode and Working  mode provides extended low RPM to better control the slow pace was perfect for towing a trailer or when navigating tight spaces.

2018 Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900 Review
2018 Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900

2017 Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900 – Engine

Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900 ProStar® machines are purpose built, tuned and designed in conjunction with the vehicle – resulting in an optimal balance of smooth, reliable power. The Engine ProStar XP 900 was developed with the ultimate combination of high power density, fuel efficiency is excellent and ease of maintenance.

With 2,000 lbs. towing capacity and standard 2 receiver, Ranger CREW XP 900 enables you to tackle the toughest jobs with confidence. In addition, a class-leading 1,750 lbs. load capacity is highlighted by a box back with gas-assist dumping operation that can tote up to 1,000 lbs , materials and full-sized pallets. the Kawasaki® MULE Pro-FXT ™ restrict bed capacity to 350 lbs when carrying six people, who give RANGER more than 2.5 times the load.

Pro-Lock is the fastest AWD system drew us ever! Four-wheel vehicle involved in a near instantaneous when you need more forward traction and reverts back to 2WD when it does not, do not have to wait for pressure to build up or to stop and lock the diff as our competitors. Also, when in 2WD, which VersaTrac Turf Mode switch open rear differential for easier, tighter turns that will not rip your page.

2017 Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900 – Features

2018 Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900 A full 10 “(25.4 cm) of travel Dual A-Arm front suspension, which is 23% more than Yamaha® Viking® VI. Also the 10” (25.4 cm) of travel Independent Rear Suspension makes a smooth ride, even when transporting up to 1,750 lbs. payload and towing up to 2,000 lbs!

2017 Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900 Review
2017 Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900

With RANGER XP 900, enjoy a full L 119 deposit plus a lot of easy access in closed storage dashboard that make goods at the ready when they are needed. Compare with Kawasaki® Mule-FXT ™ PRO that only has a 9.5 L internal storage.

RANGER Crew XP 900 make you better with Polaris Engine Accessories and With more than 350 accessories available, and technology such as Polaris-exclusive Lock & Ride®, you can feel confident that Polaris Engineered ™ Accessories will enhance your trip, from the back yard into the woods.

Three-Mode Throttle Control The throttle control mode CREW standard Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900, you not only get the most power in the industry, but the unparalleled control over all of 999 cc. There Working mode when precision is required, the standard for a mix of traditional throttle for output power, and performance when you’re ready to go all out.

2017 Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900 – Price

2018 Polaris Ranger CREW XP 900 going to be released in the country of  Europe, Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Australia, The estimated price in each nation is different, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price

  • Polaris Ranger CREW 900 SAGE GREEN – $13,699