2018 Polaris 600 Voyageur 144 Review

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2018 Polaris 600 Voyageur 144 Review – We find it interesting Polaris confidence has been in the new set up. AXYS new chassis and new 144 IGX (Ideal Geometry X-Over) 144 rear suspension serves as the backbone of sleds designed for different segments. Voyageur 600 144 meet the needs of occasional recreational riders who have a greater need for more utilitarian snowmobile. Switchback 600 SP and attack is for riders who ride on the trail over and demanded the go-anywhere (except the extreme steep and deep) performance. What’s in the performance of maybe 600 Switchback SP and tempo of 144. But there is a key conceptual difference.

Indeed, after our test ride Switchback SP, we fail to see the need to go up or spend a lot of time with our 144 600 Voyageur has been scheduled for evaluation. But we test snowmobile professional and that is our job. Fortunately we take time as we came away with an understanding of how only a few differences can effectively make sled completely different. SP and the Voyageur is the same, but really quite differen

2018 Polaris 600 Voyageur 144 Review
2018 Polaris 600 Voyageur 144

Design that will prove helpful if you pick up the tempo in the remote as a standard 2.0-inch 144 Series 4 track offers a good compromise between performance on- and off-trail. Rigid holding lug basis for grip on hard packed groomed trails while tips are softer and more flexible work better at applying traction in the snow.

We can not but admire Polaris’ engineering and marketing team to come up with such a versatile design. The AXYS 144 144 IGX platform and suspension form the basis for a very good set of new 2017 Polaris models. Our favorite has to be the SP and tempo. We like the performance of 600 twins to ride flatland and we like fun handling sleds. We may choose to SP more tempo, but we liked the idea that the tempo gave us a standard electric start, skiing optional attitude and better on-board storage options. So, maybe we’ll go with the tempo. We do not know; it will be your choice.

2018 Polaris 600 Voyageur 144 –  Engine

2018 Polaris 600 Voyageur 144 features are proven-engineering Cleanfire Polaris 600cc liquid-cooled two-stroke twin. In our book, we rank it right beside the Rotax-built 600 ETEC Ski-Doo. Ski-Doo with electronic direct injection to be cleaner and more fuel-efficient, but Polaris “6” is no slouch. It’s crispy on the throttle because the system Cleanfire semi-direct injection and computerized fuel mapping. Both twins had to secure hundreds of 120-horsepower. The Cleanfire work well in multiple platforms Polaris, this series and models Polaris 600 Voyageur 144. Unless you’re looking for pure power 800cc, Polaris “6” is not disappointing. Especially when you consider the engineering Polaris controls the output with P-85 drive clutch time-honored Polaris and Polaris-spec Team LWT driven. One thing Polaris has been excellent for decades get the engine power to the tracks. 600cc 144s this was no exception as the throttle roll-on in off-trail delicate situation without surprises such as bogging low end and the like.

The surprise was how good the tempo of the handle. It should be deep enough to handle fur, and basically the same with the new Polaris 600 Voyageur 144, complete with a customized front end and a gripper that can stretch ski ski stance from a narrow 39-inch width for a full 41 inches. Most of the other 144s, including the  600 Voyageur 144 , at 2017 Polaris line features Pro-Steer Ski and 42.5 inches attitudes remain. We grew very comfortable with SP, but this kind of rediscovered old-style riding habit with a narrow-stanced tempo. After the first few corners we relaxed and crawl across the tempo Performance AXYS saddle, shift a large number of outstanding avoirdupois from side to side to balance the handling. That’s modern hard drive motorists do to maximize handling antique sled. But, sleds today have a lot of time “old” feel effectively engineered out, has a sled to do what we used to do with shifting our weight. Tempo respond well to the riders shift and we find ourselves looking for tight turns and put more throttle when we do. Both SP and tempo Switchback allows you to enjoy this kind of riding, but we found a tempo more enjoyable. We imagine if you cinched in ski to the attitude of their 39-inch, you will get more feedback.

600 Cleanfire Machine

It Cleanfire® liquid-cooled engine with a semi-direct injection (SDI) provides outstanding throttle response and instant acceleration. This, efficient engine started easily and reliably strong and they automatically calibrate temperature and elevation changes. This engine provides impressive fuel economy in real world riding situations, which, for the Polaris rider, means aggressive, up-tempo riding, not a low-rev lab conditions. Now in the chassis AXYS®, 600 engine mounts feature a lightweight integrated, electronic oil pump and cut the thermostat.

2018 Polaris 600 Voyageur 144 Review
2018 Polaris 600 Voyageur 144 

Electronic oil pump
electronic oil pump eliminates the power-robbing gear drive – and provides more precise, improve the delivery of oil to the performance and durability as well as a reduction of 35% in an effort to throttle. Does not require adjustments.

2018 Polaris 600 Voyageur 144 – Features

Polaris 600 Voyageur 144  put a lot of effort IGX 144 new engineering jobs to the rear suspension, which is used in high-performance tempo and the  Polaris 600 Voyageur 144  Shock and spring calibration IGX 144 provides up to 43% more trips front torque arm from earlier designs. This suspension is said RMK-inspired for off-trail capability, but proved himself as adept suspension of on-trail as well. We were pleasantly surprised with how quickly managed to turn into a corner, back up claims Polaris’ that ‘… a lightweight, tipping the sled rail beam design gives the feel nimble.’ That’s for sure!

If you compare the specifications tempo to Polaris 600 Voyageur 144, you will notice a lot of similarities as well as US $ 500 premium. But it can be easily traced to a standard electric start tempo, which is an option with RMK 144 and SP too. For niche utility sled, 600 Voyageur 144 offers quite a bit. Clearly there are benefits from adjustable ski stance, which could widen if you primarily taken the path of travel or if you need to float among the trees in the forest. You can take to the standard “mount” the rope to help you maneuver in working condition or hill. Tempo is equipped with an integrated storage area to seat down. And, of course, what is seriously the utility model does not have a cargo rack? electronic pressing the reverse button made out of a tight situation easier. And there PowderTrac RMK-based hybrid running board by adding a permission to increase the evacuation of snow. Although based on the style of RMK, this board runs designed specifically for AXYS 144 platform and both wider and flat with pointed upward at the rear to improve mobility in rotation.

AXYS® Chassis
Polaris 600 Voyageur 144 AXYS chassis for the 144 light and powerful platform, offering a balanced rider characteristics important for motorists 50/50. rider moved to a balanced position on the sled so flat ride through the corners. When the trail gets rough or the rider jumps off into a powder, the balance of the rider allows the rider to go back and make light of the front end to climb on snow or moguls.

IGX 144 Rear Suspension
A core element of the platform 144 Ideal AXYS Geometry X-Over 144 uncoupled rear suspension, which offers a combination of the end of the durability and strength. The IGX 144 rear suspension provides RMK-inspired off-trail agility and balance with drastically improved ride-trail. Courses are controlled via the rear suspension geometry in this. With 43% more torque arm next trip, this was reduced sled features bottoming and less drag off-trail. Optimized, lighter, tip sled rail beam design gives a feel nimble.

Running Boards Hybrid ™ PowderTrac
2018  Polaris 600 Voyageur 144 Running boards PowderTrac Hybrid offers an optimized design with 56% open space for maximum snow cleaning while maintaining extreme strength. Designed specifically for crossover rider, wider boards and flat front for comfort when sitting and better position while standing. The back of the board shrink back for better mobility and snow clearance when carving.
electric Start
standard ensures easy electric start early so you can go up after a simple turn of the key.

LED lights
All models are built on top of the platform features AXYS® standard LED lamps. LED lamps provide the lighting industry’s best:

  • Nearly 1 lb lighter and beam height is 80% brighter than incandescent bulbs.
  • The color temperature or output of light (the “white” light, reported in Kelvin) is 5000K, closely matching the daytime.
  • LED bulbs last the lifetime of the sled. A large increase in durability over traditional incandescent lamps that experience a burning filament.
  • For constant visibility and enhanced safety, low beams remain on at all times. Even when the high beam is turned on, there was never a period of no light.

Integrated Storage & Cargo Rack
underseat storage standard was designed and developed right along with AXYS platform, so installing secure and seamless features, styling an integrated suite of design lines of this sled.

  • Compression-molded material provides a semi-rigid storage and improved styling
  • Sturdy zippers provide better cargo security and protection
  • Installs without tools
  • Standard rear rack offers additional cargo capacity, up to 15 lbs.

2.0 Series 4 Track
lug rigid base for the performance of the hard-pack, soft and flexible tips for superior snow traction.

RydeFX® MPV shocks
RydeFX® shocks provide a great foundation for ride and handling.