2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ Review

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2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ Review – The AXYS® RMK highlights a minimal body board geometry and plan that gives the sled the best fit point in the business enabling it to hold even the steepest sidehill lines. RMK does not “Board Out” like different contenders.

The Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ protected AXYS® body conveys the RMK prestigious impeccable adjust that riders have generally expected. The AXYS RMK offers expanded, extreme control and a more agreeable ride.

2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3 Review
2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″

Polaris Snowmobiles are the lightest sleds on the mountain. Polaris mountain sleds have dependably been light AND inflexible, and Polaris has included quality and sturdiness while decreasing weight on the RMK AXYS® stage. Polaris utilizes outline advancement programming to dissect the heaps and emphasize focuses for different frameworks and segments of the snowmobile which enables the group to plan lightweight yet solid snowmobiles. Giving riders immediate lift, Polaris sleds help riders get up on top of the snow quicker because of the lighter weight, increment in power from the 800 H.O. Cleanfire Engine, Polaris-selective track outlines and the raised case.

2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ – Engine

2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ Created in conjunction with the AXYS stage, the demonstrated 800 Cleanfire® H.O. Motor conveys +10% expansion in energy to-weight proportion and snappier throttle reaction to produce prompt lift. The incorporated mounting position streamlines the adjust of the suspension.

800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ Lightweight crankshaft weighs 2.5 lbs less, conveying 25% lower dormancy and speedier throttle reaction and spooling. This gives enhanced increasing speed. Composed and built particularly for the 800 Cleanfire H.O. Motor for expanded solidness, this same lightweight crankshaft is utilized as a part of Polaris Race sleds since the 2013-14 and 2014-15 season, demonstrating it’s demonstrated strength.

Permeable admission channel material and high-stream fumes framework make a superior breathing motor bundle for more power. The silencer gives decreased sound levels.

3-arrange electronically-controlled fumes valves give enhanced running quality, crisper throttle reaction, smoother sit out of gear and enhanced mileage. The dynamic criticism for the fumes valve position gives more precise filling in transient circumstances. These fumes valves additionally enhance ignition strength, prompting enhanced solidness and motor life.

800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ Electronic oil pump disposes of energy victimizing gear drive – and gives more exact, enhanced oil conveyance for execution and toughness and additionally a 35% decrease in throttle exertion. Requires no changes.


  • Notched cylinder for enhanced solidness and motor life
  • 3-arrange electronically-controlled fumes valves for expanded power and responsiveness
  • Electronic oil pump for lessened throttle exertion and enhanced strength
  • Indoor regulator with sidestep warms up to working temperature 40% quicker and enhances strength
  • High-proficiency admission and fumes for enhanced breathability, which builds control
  • Select VForce Reeds for more power and enhanced reed life
  • Lightweight crankshaft that is more solid, 2.5 lbs lighter and has 25% less idleness

2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ – Features

The Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ AXYS® RMK® highlights a protected, raised skeleton that expands freedom and diminishes drag to keep you on top of the snow. The AXYS RMK suspension, reason worked for mountain riding, takes into consideration enhanced sidehilling, speedier and less demanding climbing, and immediate lift enabling the sled to pop onto the snow quicker. The aluminum overstructure is lightweight and solid for a wide range of riding. Taller shafts expands leeway to diminish drag.

The Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ lightweight, inflexible back suspension configuration highlights modified geometry to control pitch. This enhances weight exchange, conveying better control and a more consistent ride. The unbending suspension conveys control straightforwardly to the snow. Off-trail, riders will see enhanced weight exchange while keeping up the approach edge. On-Trail, riders will see a more agreeable and agreeable ride. The back suspension includes a rail plan that lifts the back slide while driving it forward.

Ace RMKs come standard with Walker Evans® Monotube Shocks. Amid SnowCheck there is a decision of premium Walker Evans Piggyback Clicker Shocks or the Walker Evans® Monotube Shocks. The Walker Evans® Piggyback Clicker Shocks with pressure agents and remote repositories offers the best execution over the broadest scope of conditions. The Walker Evans Monotube Shocks are the lightest weight stun choice from Polaris for those riders tallying ounces. The one-piece, basic plan is lightweight yet sturdy.

The Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ one-piece, fashioned an arms are lighter (around 1.5 lbs lighter) while giving ideal quality. Producing is broadly utilized and demonstrated through the car business. This plan decreases unsprung mass prompting a superior ride quality and expanded mobility.

The Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ PowderTrac running sheets have been produced for most extreme snow get out and greatest quality. Worked from expelled aluminum with reinforced cast drags, they brag an open range of more than half and incorporated footing that is machined in without a doubt footed execution. There is currently extra open space at the back of the sheets by the back cushion to decrease snow develop.

2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3 Review
2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3

Another industry first for Polaris – the most developed instrumentation in snowmobiling. This 4.3″ high determination, full shading, LCD advanced show gives a rider data including:

  • Sled execution: Speedometer, tachometer, double tripmeters, normal speed, max speed, motor/trip hours and odometer Sled working conditions: Coolant temperature, diagnostics and support notices
  • Riding conditions: Air temperature, time of day in 12 or 24-hour clock design
  • Bluetooth™ usefulness: Enables the gage to speak with the rider’s phone and give warning of approaching calls or messages. Shows telephone battery and flag quality
  • GPS/Mapping Capability: A compass is standard, and full-highlighted GPS canbe introduced to give headings and data about administrations, for example, fuel, eateries, lodging and Polaris dealerships. Tweak the GPS to work with North Up or Course Up route contingent upon your inclination
  • Ride Planning Feature empowers you to arrange a ride utilizing Ride Command, spare it as a GPX document, and exchange it to the show through the USB interface
  • This gage comes as an alternative on some SnowCheck models, and is accessible as an embellishment choice


2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ – Price

2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ going to be released in the country of  Europe, FranceCanada, United States, United Kingdom and Australia, The estimated price in each nation is different, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price

  • 2018 Polaris 800 PRO-RMK 163 3″ –  13,999 (Unite State)