2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 Review

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2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 Review – While most of the Polem 2018 snowmobile range is an update of the existing model, the new Titan and is a new snowmobile category – extreme crossovers. Sitting with high flotation, a large 20-inch grip with 155-inch trajectory and suspension, Polaris Titan delivers performance unlike the big “sled” in the industry. It proved to be the 800cc Super Polari EFI power through a polarized engineered and smooth three-speed high-altitude / low / reverse gearbox shift with neutral. The top speed on this sled blow is far from Polaris previous track design. Actually, the new Titan has a better hole than the 800cc motorcycle saga in that company.

The Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 is large but the rides are smaller. This is an AXYS design, which means it offers balanced rider control on the walkways and the inner snow can be like RMK. Honest! Titan does so much that you can not think of it as a utility model, but a model of flexibility. Want to ride the path with boys on weekends? It does not matter with its 800 TITAN SP 155 class power. Need to drag an ice house into the lake? No problem because the high / low tranny equipped with Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 can carry 1,200 pounds. Want to take the other important ones for a weekend tour? The full featured Titan Adventure is ready with a choice of two-tier seating and additional storage options.

2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 Review
2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155

Polaris spent the last four years getting Titan is ready for primetime by giving it the power line of the Polaris 800cc line, an articulated rear suspension to help you keep reversing the obstacles. Keeping this sleigh very cool in low snow conditions is a combined system of aluminum extrusion and a strongly mounted front radiator.

2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 Review

2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 – Engine

2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 Developed in conjunctiins with the proven AXYS and 800 Cleanfire H.O platform. Machines deliver leading-class acceleration. Integrated mounting positions optimize the chassis balance. Displaying:

  • 3-stage exhaust valve that is electronically controlled
  • Electronic oil pump
  • Thermostat with bypass warms up to 40% faster operating temperature and increases endurance
  • High intake and exhaust efficiency
  • VForce Reeds
  • Light crankshaft
  • Body Throttle lighter and reduce throttle effort
  • Grooved Piston

The Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 with electronically controlled three-stage exhaust valve provides better running quality, sharper throttle response, smoother fuel savings and refinement. The active feedback for the exhaust valve position provides a more accurate fuel in a transient situation. This exhaust valve also improves the stability of the combustion, thereby increasing the endurance and life of the engine.

The electronic oil pump eliminates power-robbing drive drives – and provides more precise and better oil delivery for performance and durability as well as 35% reduction in throttle effort. No adjustments required.

The porous intake thrust material and the high flow exhaust system make the breathing machine pack better for greater power. The silencer reduces the sound level while on the path. Avat wheels provide better performance, throttle response and reed durability.

Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 with Lightweight crankshaft weighs 2.5 lbs less, delivers 25% lower inertia and faster throttle response and spooling. This provides better acceleration. Designed and engineered specifically for 800 Cleanfire® H.O. The engine for increased durability and the same lightweight crankshaft is used on the Polaris Race sled, including during 2013-14 and 2014-15 last season, which shows proven durability.

2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 Review

2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 – Features

The 2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 powerful and lightweight PRO-FLOAT scheme delivers outstanding off-trail flotation and unmatched steering and steering control. The PRO-FLOAT wheels are 9.5 “in size and offer a combined surface area of ​​410 sq. In, more than 45% larger than the Polaris PRO-STEER ski. This ski features a unique, double-folded keel design that provides deeper, more responsive snow handling As well as exceptional handling on the trail.The backside upside completes the reserve over the obstacles, and the jagged ski peak provides a fascination to boot the rider.

The Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 with AXYS® TITAN Chassis locates motorists for Rider-Balanced Control in all driving situations – solo, 2-up, with on-board payload, or towing. This platform provides unrivaled and off-trail ride & handling. Balanced handling in all terrain, Mobility, superior agility and performance in deep snow, Ride & handling is not interrupted while hauling or towing cargo.

2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 Review
2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155

The 2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 with Power Boosting Regulator is an innovative new electric power technology adapted from the automotive industry and is available exclusively in the 800 TITAN SP 155 snowmobile. Provides utmost power to idle and low RPMs, Ensures electric power for rider comfort and comfort features, such as heated seats, handwarmers, battery charging and other accessories. Easy start

Another first industry for Polaris – the most advanced instrumentation in snowmobile. 4.3 “high resolution, full color, digital display This LCD provides the rider with information including:

Speeding performance: Speedometer, tachometer, double tripmeters, average speed, max speed, engine / travel clock & odometer Condition of sled operation: Coolant temperature, diagnostic & maintenance alert

  • Conditions rise: Air temperature, all day in 12 hour or 24 hour format
  • 2018 Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 with Bluetooth ™ function: Allows the meter to communicate with the rider’s mobile phone and notify you of incoming calls or text. Displays phone battery & signal strength
  • GPS / Mapping Capabilities: Compass is standard, & full-featured GPS can be installed to provide direction & information about services such as fuel dealers, restaurants, lodgings & Polaris. Adjust GPS to operate with North Up navigation or ++ Course Up depends on your preference
  • Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155 Ride Planning Feature allows you to plan trips using Ride Command, save as GPX file, and transfer to screen via USB interface.
  • This gauge is available as an accessory option for Polaris 800 TITAN SP 155.