2018 Polaris GEM® e2 Release Date

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2018 Polaris GEM® e2 Release DatePolaris Industries Inc., announced the availability of the 20163 line of electric vehicles of Polaris GEM. Transportation circuits – Polaris GEM e2, Polaris GEM e4, Polaris GEM e6 – and light utility vehicles – Polaris GEM eS, Polaris GEM eL, Polaris GEM eL XD – show zero and legal emissions in most urban roads with speed limits shown at 35 mph or less. The vehicle is equipped to accommodate two to six people and carry 1,450 lbs. of charge For the 2018 model, the 7-hp motor is standard for all vehicles and accompanies the new rear drum brake system. New seats provide better ergonomics. All vehicles are also standard with scuff and charge cables.

Transport vehicles and light illumination can be customized with the options and accessories available. New options for 2018 include new hard doors for all vehicles with two and four people capacity. Lockable doors are equipped with sliding windows, fully functional door handles, and enhanced sockets and sealing. Other updates include simplified color options and vehicle package contents based on the most popular items with customers. In addition, newly designed hoods, mud guards, and headlight bezels provide the appropriate quality and finish.

2018 Polaris GEM® e2 Release Date
2018 Polaris GEM® e2

2018 Polaris GEM® e2 Release Date

2018 Polaris GEM® e2 – Perfromance

The GEM model achieves a top speed of 25 mph, can be driven both indoors and outdoors, and has a range of up to 40 miles per charge depending on temperature, grade, charge and driving style. All Polaris GEM come with a two-year limited warranty, along with roadside assistance. Compact electric vehicles are ready to be booked through all 280 GEM official dealers in North America. Visit the updated GEM website, GEMcar.com, to create and customize GEMs, view all existing vehicle accessories, and contact your local dealer.

New to 2018, Polaris GEM launches Polaris GEM® e2 which is a legal avenue on most city streets with speed limits of 35 mph or less.

In addition, Polaris said it launched a 4 × 2 M1400 gas vehicle specifically designed for light commercial utility applications. This vehicle is said to have a driving and classroom handling, ground clearance, and a 1,400-pound load similar to the Polaris GEM® e2 that was launched late last year.

“We are pleased to add our portfolio of Polaris GEM® e2 premium vehicles that have been specially designed based on feedback from our dealers and customers,” said Tim Blinkhorn, general manager of GEM. “The entire Polaris GEM® e2 range for 2018 is enhancing our commercial and consumer offerings and will build on our momentum.”

2018 Polaris GEM® e2 Release Date Feature

2018 Polaris GEM® e2 – Features

Spacious and Comfortable : Enjoy the smoothness with 43 “leg room, enhanced suspension, sliding seat, and optional electronic power steering.

More Safety Features : A sense of confidence when driving with standard features such as 3 pt seatbelts, road tires, automotive grade windshields and resident protection systems that meet SAE roof test specifications.

2018 Polaris GEM® e2 Release Date
2018 Polaris GEM® e2

Sustained and Smart : Feel calm and zero-burned battery power with a $ 0.03 per mile operating cost, plus a wide selection of batteries and chargers to meet your specific application needs.

Flatbed Design : Polaris GEM® e2 is uniquely designed with customizable flatbeds with multiple configurations to help specific applications. Choose from the stake side, closed carrier and more

Smart power : Choose the right battery for you. Flood, Free of Care, or Lithium-Ion.

Connected Vehicles : Whether managing a GEM or a GEM car fleet, Polaris has technology that lets you connect with your vehicle better. The RiderX app highlights where you can drive it, and the Polaris Fleet Solution helps you control your fleet better.